Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Poutine at Brado Pizza

My friend and I have been on somewhat of a poutine binge. We started with Costco then expanded our horizons with Zako's Deli, A&W, and UBC Pit Burger Bar. Posted on the wall at Zako's was a list of top poutine places in Vancouver. Brado was on the list, so it was our next stop. The poutine turned out to be great so we decided to go back again with more company.

Brado Pizza
1399 Commercial Dr
Vancouver, BC V5L
(604) 251-7251

large poutine at brado pizza

Above is a large regular poutine. The poutine at Brado is a lot different than at other places. For a lack of a better word, everything was "smooth", especially the gravy. The gravy was glossy and its consistency was very soft, kind of like a gel. Even the fries felt like they were polished smooth. The cheese curds were squeaky and not cold, which I enjoyed. Portion wise, it's a much better deal than at Zako's, but doesn't beat the Costco by Stadium Skytrain Station. I have to say that I am pretty sick of poutine at this point, but there's still lots of places to try.

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