Monday, April 26, 2010

The Pit Burger Bar (UBC)

Nothing on the menu is spectacular and their mozza sticks and popcorn shrimp were notably small and not worth it. However, I do enjoy the waffle fries, belgian fries, and the occasional faux poutine.

The Pit Burger Bar @ UBC
6138 Student Union Blvd (Student Union Building)

Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1

(604) 822-6511

Normally this wouldn't warrant a post, but... well see for yourself. Below is what my friend and I have dubbed, the Poutina (our friend Tina was with us when we got it).

UBC Pit Pub Burger Bar at the SUB, waffle fries poutine, poutina

Waffle Fries $2.75
Side Gravy $0.50
Xtra Cheese $0.60
$3.85 (GST included)

This combination was nothing short of heavenly in taste, but awful in smell. I likened it to the insides of a shoe or an unwashed sock.

It was a huge triumph in being able to order this as we have tried on several occasions without avail. Supposedly, the staff aren't allowed to make this at all and the cashier made a mistake for us. We've gone back (unsuccessfully) everyday for about two weeks trying to relive our success. Since they were willing to do waffle fries with gravy alone, I tried buying a cheese string from the Delly, which worked out to be cheaper than the Poutina but nowhere near as tasty.

Maybe with enough awareness, they'll put the Poutina on the menu someday. I am hopeful.

UBC Pit Pub Burger Bar at the SUB, waffle fries poutine, poutina

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  1. I am a UBC student for 4 years and I cannot believe I didn't think of this!!!

  2. I don't know why the staff refuse to make it though, they are turning away good business!