Wednesday, May 5, 2010

DOV-esque dining deals available year round in Metro Vancouver

During my research (see this post) of which restaurants to eat at during DOV, I've found quite a number of Dine Out like deals that are available after the event. With Dine Out 2010 drawing to a close, I thought I would share some of these.

Set Menus
- availability, prices, and times may change

(*) - varies from being more expensive to cheaper than dine out counterpart
(>) - more expensive than dine out counterpart
(<) - less expensive than dine out counterpart
(=) - cost the same as dine out counterpart

A Kettle of Fish (*) - three course menu varies between $35-$45
Brasserie Bistro (>) - 2 course meal for $32.00 and a 3 course meal for $38.00
Brix Restaurant & Wine Bar (<) - $29 three course "first seating menu" (between 5pm -6:30 pm)
Diva at the Met (=) - $38 dinner tasting, $28 lunch prix fixe
Mistral French Bistro (<) - $19-24 dollar lunch menus (11:30 am-2 pm Tuesday-Saturday)
Raincity Grill (<) - $3o three course early prix fixe (between 5-6 pm)
Trafalgars Bistro (>) - $35 three course menu

Entertainment Coupon Restaurants

Some restaurants that participated in DOV have 2 for 1 entree coupons, which often works out to be cheaper than DOV, with more selection. You can view the restaurants that have Entertainment coupons here (warning: huge list):

Let me know if you find anything else!


  1. I am the Food & Beverage Manager for The Brasserie Bistro, 1763 Comox Street (In the Lobby of the Coast Plaza Hotel & Suites) we have a 2 course meal for $32.00 and a 3 course meal for $38.00.
    Changes every second week.

  2. Thanks! I will update the post.