Sunday, May 2, 2010

hidden (Dine Out Vancouver 2010)

Number 3, $18 price tier. This was a late dinner, so it was pretty dark and my hands aren't the steadiest. They had a paper fortune teller at each table that turned out to be pretty lame. It wanted to tell me what to get.

hidden (@ the Weston Grand, near the main library)
433 Robson St.
Vancouver, BC V6B 6L9
(604) 647-2521

hidden, Dine Out Vancouver 2010

Pacific poutine with halibut cheeks, qualicum cheese curds, crispy Yukon golds and lemon hollandaise. Halibuts were a bit salty, but great dish overall. We had a side order of fries that happened to be rather soggy, but the fries in the poutine were fine.

hidden, Dine Out Vancouver 2010, poutine

Beets and blues salad with roasted chioga beets, crumbled blue Claire cheese, grapefruit and toasted pumpkin seeds. I love beets and was thrilled to try different varieties. I found the grapefruit too strong and in too big of a portion compared to the rest of the elements. No complaints otherwise.

hidden, Dine Out Vancouver 2010, beet salad

Smoked and seared albacore tuna with gorgonzola stuffed tatertots, kalamata coulis and sunchoke chips. The smoked tuna tasted a bit like ham to me. The coulis was reminiscent of preserved Chinese fruit candies. Never had sunchoke chips so they were a treat. A bit burnt though, but googling makes me think that they're always a little burnt. Can't really comment on the tatertots, especially when I mistakened them for gnocchi.

hidden, Dine Out Vancouver 2010, albacore tuna

Fried chicken breast and cheddar waffles with an apple/jack gravy. Chicken was well seasoned, adequately moist, and had good texture to its coating. Moreover, it wasn't greasy. I didn't get a whole lot of cheddar from the waffles, but that didn't hinder the dish.

hidden, Dine Out Vancouver 2010, fried chicken and waffles

Cinnamon dusted beavertail, Canadian whiskey caramel sauce and house made lemon-sour cream ice cream. Only had a bite of this. I remember it was less doughy compared to ones that I've had before.

hidden, Dine Out Vancouver 2010, beavertail

Root beer, hazelnut and maple ice cream parfait. I love root beer so this was awesome. I would have liked more root beer flavour in the gelatin however. I loved the nuts (slapchop anyone?), nuts and ice cream that isn't too flavour forward always go together nicely.

hidden, Dine Out Vancouver 2010, root beer hazelnut maple ice cream parfait

Innovative and great value. I heard this restaurant only opened up recently, so I look forward to seeing how they are after some fine tuning.

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