Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sunrise Tofu Dessert: Caramel Custard Flavour

I found Sunrise flan (crème caramel) flavoured tofu dessert in the fridge the other day, which was a little confusing for me, mainly because I thought this only existed in my head. I never thought my custard tofu idea was a good one, but I was excited nonetheless.

Sunrise Tofu Dessert, Flan Caramel Custard Flavour

It basically tasted like tofu dessert with artificial caramel flavours, which actually tasted a bit like real caramel (obviously, it didn't have the depth or complexity). Supermarket flavoured versions of tofu dessert never quite win me over, but this was at least fun to try.

Sidenote: Anyone else think that the easy peel corner is not so easy, but rather frustratingly difficult?

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