Saturday, May 15, 2010

Forgotten Foods

In the spirit of nostalgia, I present foods from another time.

Jimmy's Chinese Style Beef Jerky used to be ubiquitous around Canada and the US. For that reason, it's surely a part of many of our childhoods. Over 5 years ago, it became impossible to find. A quick google of Jimmy's Fine Food Ltd. gives a relevant phone number (604-254-6616). Sadly, many jerky mourners have called this number, without success, indicating that the company is indeed out of business. I feel sorrow that I'll never get to taste this paper thin treat again, but at least I know I'm not alone.

Jimmy's Chinese Style Beef Jerky

Orbitz is an instantly recognizable drink that was produced by the Clearly Canadian Beverage Corporation. The concept was cool. Surprisingly, the suspended edible balls made the drink look refreshing. Unfortunately, I don't think I've ever tried the product. One thing for sure is that despite whether or not you've tasted it, most people will remember seeing the product at 7-11. If they ever bring it back, I would buy it just to satisfying my childhood urge to drink a lava lamp (I bet you've made the same association).


The Clearly Canadian Beverage Corporation also produced a glass bottled flavoured sparkling water. The product was widely available for a time and then fell out of popularity. While it is still produced, the classic glass blue bottle is gone and I doubt that the product is the same. Moreover, it doesn't seem like it's widely distributed at all.

Clearly Canadian Flavoured Sparkling Water

I have fond memories eating at McDonald's with the older decor (unlike now, where some of them are more contemporary than a condo). I remember the excitement as a kid waiting 10+ minutes for a McDonald's personal pizza. Unless they bring it back, I'll never know if it was the pizza that was awesome or if it's just because I miss my childhood.

McDonald's Pizza, McPizza

Cadbury's Astros were like big Smarties with a biscuit center after the milk chocolate. The biscuit part was sort of like Maltesers or Whoppers. They used to run ads on TV and I distinctly remember going to the local corner store ever so often to buy a box of them. From online searches, it appears this product is still available in South Africa, of all places.

Cadbury's Astros

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  1. jimmy's beef jerky fell victim to US politics.
    As mad cow disease fears increased, USA stopped importation of
    CDN beef products. this included JFF beef jerky.

    the loss of US sales hurt the company and opted to close
    years ago. My aunt was one of the many laid off.